SAORINOMORI means "SAORI Forest" in Japanese

A complete view of the woods
where SAORINOMORI is located.
The building of SAORINOMORI.
Kenzo Jo built SAORINOMORI in the woods with the hope that weavers could weave in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature.
A walking trail in the woods.
Be relaxed, and feel the nature around you while weaving.

The studio space is located on the second
floor of the building. With more than 30 looms already set up with warps, you can start weaving immediately after receiving some
basic instructions.

Our looms have been designed specifically for SAORI Weaving so that anyone can weave regardless of age, experience, or physical or intellectual aptitude.

We carry hundreds of different types of yarns in a wide variety of colors, materials, thicknesses and textures.

Choose any materials you simply 'like' and
start weaving.

Feel at ease in the spacious, light-filled studio with views on all sides of the surrounding woods and cityscape. Release your hidden creativity and enjoy!

After just 2–3 hours of weaving, you can finish a scarf or shawl that is one-of-a-kind and uniquely represents you.

To find out more details about the classes we offer, please go to the Classes & Fees page.

There is a gallery with many SAORI Weaving clothes.
Also on the second floor of the building is a gallery space where you can see many pieces
of SAORI weaving created by weavers from all over Japan.

Works on display include SAORI clothes, such as vests, jackets, blouses, skirts, pants and wraps, all made with the same philosophy of free expression in mind. Just as in SAORI weaving, there are no restrictions or conventional methods involved in making SAORI clothes.

Items in the gallery are on display for inspiration as well as available for sale in support of the weavers who made them.

Many of the small items for sale in the gallery, such as the pouches and purses, were created by weavers at various facilities throughout Japan that provide employment for people with disabilities. These small items are very popular gifts and souvenirs.

Throughout the year, we host special events and exhibitions. To see photos from past events and exhibitions, please visit the Gallery page on our Japanese website.
Kenzo Jo, the representative of SAORINOMORI

Kenzo Jo, the representative of SAORINOMORI and President of Sakaiseikisangyo Co., Ltd (the manufacturing company of all SAORI products), is the third son of Misao Jo, the founder of SAORI Weaving. He built the very first SAORI loom in 1969 to make a simple, user-friendly loom for his mother. Since then, he has been constantly improving and developing new designs for SAORI looms and weaving accessories to support the philosophy and practice of SAORI Weaving. In the nearly 50 years since its founding, both SAORI Weaving and SAORI looms have spread and become established all over the world.

In 2004, Kenzo Jo built SAORINOMORI, the SAORI studio headquarters and manufacturing site, in Izumi, Osaka. It was in this area that Misao Jo first started SAORI Weaving. All SAORI looms, weaving accessories and yarns are produced here and distributed to weavers all over the world.

At the SAORINOMORI studio, Kenzo would like
all weavers to fully enjoy SAORI Weaving in a calming environment, surrounded by beautiful woods. He believes that this setting helps visitors to release creativity hidden within them and find their true selves through freestyle weaving.
And in fact, the studio has been so popular that
it has welcomed more than 10,000 visitors in
the past 5 years.
SAORINOMORI has been receiving an attention from the media.

SAORINOMORI has been widely acclaimed by the media in Japan, appearing in newspapers, magazines and television programs throughout the years since its opening. Visit the Articles page of our Japanese website to see more.
We have a good access to the Osaka Kansai International Airport.

With easy access to and from Kansai International Airport (KIX), SAORINOMORI
is conveniently located for visitors coming
from overseas. For more detailed information
on how to get to the studio, please visit the Access page.
SAORINOMORI Weavers' Condo

To accommodate those who travel long distances to learn about SAORI Weaving, SAORINOMORI opened a lodging facility where visitors can choose to stay at an affordable rate.

The SAORINOMORI Weavers' Condo is a shared living space open to all weavers taking classes at SAORINOMORI that is located within just 5 minutes walking distance from the studio. For more information about the space and how to make a reservation, please visit the Weavers' Condo page.

SAORINOMORI has branches in other part of Japan

We have two other studio branches in Japan, which are directly affiliated with the SAORINOMORI headquarters in Izumi, Osaka. Click on the links below for more information. Note that the details about SAORINOMORI Tokorozawa in Saitama are currently available
in Japanese only.

SAORINOMORI Tokorozawa - Saitama


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